The Best Thriller Books of 2016

What a stellar year for mystery and thriller books! There’s something here for everyone, ranging from dark (really dark!) crime thrillers, to the paranormal, spy thrillers, science fiction and virtually everything in between.

Our criteria is very simple: novel-length books published as early as December 2015 and as late as December 1, 2016, fitting at least one of the specialized thriller or mystery subcategories we feature here on  This year our authors ranged from hugely successful big names on TV and in print (Blake Crouch) to independently published new talent (Mary Maddox). We have been truly spoiled for choice.

Without further ado, here are our unanimous late-year picks:

Dark Matter, one of the Year’s Best Sci-Fi Thrillers


Darkroom, a new Crime Thriller by Mary Maddox

End of Watch, a new Crime Thriller by Stephen King

Book Review: Flash Crash, a new Crime Thriller by Denison Hatch

The Shooting, a Mike Gage Thriller by William G. Davis

Silent Source, a First-Rate Medical Thriller by James Marshall Smith

Book Review: Luckiest Girl Alive, a new Mystery by Jessica Knoll

Written in Fire, a Conspiracy Thriller by Markus Sakey

Book Review: The Short Drop, a Conspiracy Thriller by Matthew FitzSimmons

The Northwest Country, a Must-Read Historical Thriller by Jefferson Flanders

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