The Producer’s Girl, a Romantic Suspense Thriller by Michael Hughes

Bobbi Stratos PI – everyone’s go-to girl – is thrown blind into a messy movieland multiple homicide case where the body count just keeps rising.

Trouble begins when a little drug runner girl is found murdered the same night Hollywood line producer Lenny Danko’s career gets a big push—right off the rooftop over at the FilmLands buildings on Boston’s east side. Detective Ty Connell attends both scenes, senses a shadowy drug link in the two, and begins working both cases.

Danko’s death rattles skeletons all the way down to L.A., where Lou Lazar, neurotic studio boss of Bugatti Films, goes into full panic mode. He sends Bobbi to Boston at big bucks to sort out the financial mess Danko has left, and contain the PR disaster. Oh, and get close to the cop on the case and stay plugged in to what police know. Bobbi walks off the plane at Logan and straight into Connell’s life. From a competitive start with certain instant attraction issues between them, the real question is: can they work together to bring down a killer?

The Producer’s Cut is Ty Connell Casebook Series Book #1.

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