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The Last Straw, a Hugely Satisfying Crime Novel by Ed Duncan

The Bottom Line: Another hugely satisfying dose of contemporary noir from budding auteur Ed Duncan. Among mobsters, nobody likes a rat, and teenage girl are no exception. So when sixteen-year-old Chicago native Sandra Yanders agrees to testify against a killer, her life is in immediate jeopardy. It doesn’t take long until an assassin finds her […]

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Pigeon Blood Red

Pigeon Blood Red, a Crime Thriller by Ed Duncan

The Bottom Line: This charming, classically-told crime thriller is a must for noir fans. Ed Duncan’s debut crime thriller revolves around a stolen necklace with sixteen colormatched rubies, each a prized pigeon-blood red. The necklace – which comes with quite a pedigree – belongs to Chicago loan shark Frank Litvak, who entrusts it to rank-and-file […]

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