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Rico Stays, an Action-Packed Crime Thriller by Ed Duncan

The Bottom Line: Petty street squabbles erupt into explosive gangland warfare in this satisfying crime thriller. Life has never been easy for Chicago enforcer Rico Sanders, and it doesn’t get any easier in Ed Duncan’s third series book. Rico’s girlfriend Jean happens upon a fight in a supermarket parking lot and calls the victor a […]

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The Last Straw, a Hugely Satisfying Crime Novel by Ed Duncan

The Bottom Line: Another hugely satisfying dose of contemporary noir from budding auteur Ed Duncan. Among mobsters, nobody likes a rat, and teenage girl are no exception. So when sixteen-year-old Chicago native Sandra Yanders agrees to testify against a killer, her life is in immediate jeopardy. It doesn’t take long until an assassin finds her […]

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Pigeon Blood Red

Pigeon Blood Red, a Crime Thriller by Ed Duncan

The Bottom Line: This charming, classically-told crime thriller is a must for noir fans. Ed Duncan’s debut crime thriller revolves around a stolen necklace with sixteen colormatched rubies, each a prized pigeon-blood red. The necklace – which comes with quite a pedigree – belongs to Chicago loan shark Frank Litvak, who entrusts it to rank-and-file […]

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