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Soul Seeker, a Pulse-Pounding Paranormal Thriller by Kaylin McFarren

The Bottom Line: A pulse-pounding paranormal thriller with a timeless feel and a huge heart. Soul Seeker begins like a fable as Benjamin Poe, the “most hated and feared man to ever live,” asking his attorney to listen to his story. Until his arrest for the murder of his son Gabriel, Poe was a family […]

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High Flying, a Gripping Psychological Thriller by Kaylin McFarren

The Bottom Line: A gripping psychological thriller about redemption wrapped in a rollicking time-travel plot, High Flying is a rare work of fiction that makes you feel better about humanity and the future. Stunt Pilot Skylar Haines is an adrenaline junkie who lives on the edge. During an airshow, she nearly collides with another aircraft […]

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Twisted Threads, an Erotic Thriller by Kaylin McFarren

Bottom Line: A sexy mystery that brings the timeless themes of murder, revenge and family loyalty to the high seas. A great series for fans of romantic suspense. In Twisted Threads, assassin Akira Hamada finds herself owing a life debt to Mitsui-san, a powerful member of Zakura-kai, Japan’s notorious yakuza family. And yet at the […]

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