Political Thriller Books

The best political thriller book reviews. Political thriller is a broad term that may include espionage, political conspiracies, the assassination of political leaders and other sinister tactics that have high-stakes consequences for governments and civilizations.

Best Thrillers: The Summer Reading List, Part 1

Already thinking about beach books for summer vacation? Consider these new and upcoming thrillers. Line of Succession, by William Tyree After a series of political assassinations throw Washington leadership into disarray, a group of Pentagon insiders begin retaliating against Islamic radicals abroad while several forces seemingly vie for control of the White House behind the scenes. All is far from what it seems, however, as …

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2009’s Most Satisfying Political Thrillers

With the holiday season upon us, the year’s major political thrillers are now in wide release. The genre’s most prolific authors put out another bumper crop of assassins, rogue intelligence agents, dirty politicians and bleeding edge technology. Relative newcomers stormed the scene, finding more readers than ever thanks to Amazon’s Kindle.  Here’s how our list shapes up: Pursuit of Honor, by Vince Flynn CIA Agent …

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