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The Lumbermill, a Compelling LA Noir Crime Novel by Laya V Smith

The Bottom Line: This tasty 1950s L.A. noir crime novel goes down smoother than an Old Fashioned. Highly recommended. Start with an intriguing balance of icy underworld, a down-on-his luck detective and his bitter past. Add tart and zesty characters that you can’t help but root for from the get-go, and stir vigorously. Veteran fighter […]

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Dangerous Bureau, a Dark Psychological Thriller by Roger Williams

The Bottom Line: A highly original dark psychological thriller that will delight fans of serial killer fiction. In a small California town, where ten children have been molested and murdered in the past year, five-year-old Cindy Helms is abducted at a mall after her teenage babysitter leaves her alone for a few minutes to slip […]

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Torched, a Must-Read Suspense Thriller by Joe Edd Morris

The Bottom Line: Inspired by harrowing true events and real-life people, Torched is a must-read. In the summer of 1964, newly minted Methodist preacher Sam Ransom drives from Atlanta to his summer post in rural Mississippi. From the start, he knows they’re going to work him to the bone, as he’s expected to preach five […]

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Mad Dog, an Epic Serial Killer Thriller by David Wickenden

The Bottom Line: An epic new take on serial killer fiction that is reminiscent of Stephen King’s best work. Set two decades before helicopter parenting went mainstream, 14-year-old Daniel Dixon plays from dawn until dusk in a Canadian mining town. Then, someone starts slaughtering the town’s pet cats and birds. Daniel turns amateur sleuth and […]

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American Strangler Book Review

The American Strangler, One of the Year’s Best Thrillers

The Bottom Line: This nervy, disturbing, gut-punch of a vigilante novel is unlike anything you’ve ever read. It’s also one of the year’s best thrillers. With few exceptions, the legal thriller genre exists to elevate fictional heroes of the justice system – attorneys, judges and others who go beyond the call of duty to ensure […]

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A Surgeon’s Knot, a Medical Thriller That Will Change The Way You Think About Modern Medicine

The Bottom Line: Heart-pounding tales of a surgical intern that are both terrifying and profound. This medical thriller will stay with you long past the final chapter. Intern Jackson Cooper MD receives a call from a nurse convinced that she has made a terrible mistake that has put a patient’s life in immediate danger. Upon […]

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Blues of Autumn, a Hilarious Small Town Mystery by Richard Adamson

The Bottom Line: Janet Evanovich fans should flock to this hilarious small town mystery. Set in the mountains of upstate New York, Blues of Autumn is the story of Police Chief Norris Tanager, who moved to tiny Glen Echo to avoid the headaches of big city crime fighting. When not moonlighting as a bar band […]

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Wet Work, a Must-Read Assassination Thriller by Mark A. Hewitt

The Bottom Line: An explosive assassination thriller that is timely, believable and hugely entertaining. A must-read. In Mark. A Hewitt’s latest thriller, America finds its democracy threatened by a powerful group of Washington insiders that seek to control the presidency by any means necessary. When the current American president resigns in disgrace and the vice […]

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The Loss of What We Never Had

The Loss of What We Never Had, a Suspenseful Political Thriller by Carloyn Thorman

The Bottom Line: A well-researched, highly stimulating political thriller that deftly explores the consequences of political and religious extremism. Set in Spain, The Loss of What We Never Had traces the origins of a political group from its humble origins as a nationalist movement to a terrifying terrorist organization. In the aftermath of an attack on Madrid […]

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Lover Come Back, a Potent Crime Thriller by Tom Preschutti

The Bottom Line: A potent, hardboiled crime thriller that fans of Michael Connelly and Elmore Leonard will love. Lori Daniels is a hard-nosed police detective who has poor taste in men. Her ex-lover, the recently deceased Lieutenant Michael Costner, was a dirty cop and a womanizer. Lover Come Back picks up right where Tom Preschutti’s […]

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