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The best thriller and mystery eBooks for kindle, nook, iBooks and more, featuring both new and established masters of the genre.

Rico Stays, an Action-Packed Crime Thriller by Ed Duncan

The Bottom Line: Petty street squabbles erupt into explosive gangland warfare in this satisfying crime thriller. Life has never been easy for Chicago enforcer Rico Sanders, and it doesn’t get any easier in Ed Duncan’s third series book. Rico’s girlfriend Jean happens upon a fight in a supermarket parking lot and calls the victor a […]

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Asesina, a Bombshell Medical Thriller by Craig Keffeler

The Bottom Line: A complex medical thriller that hits like a bombshell. Prepare to be up long past your bedtime. Esteemed neurosurgeon Dr. Ernie Girard seems to have it all. With a profile studded with prestigious institutions like Yale, UCLA and the Mayo Clinic, his neurological institute is about to be snapped up by a […]

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American Slaughterhouse, a Fresh and Timely Serial Killer Thriller by Doc Cage

The Bottom Line: A fresh and timely take on the serial killer thriller that feels nearly as startling as American Psycho did decades ago. American Slaughterhouse: Confessions of a 911 Paramedic poses a terrifying question: what if a first-responder that we depended on to save lives has in fact been abusing their power to demean, […]

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The Friday Cage, A Premium-Grade Suspense Thriller by Andrew Diamond

The Bottom Line: A deeply psychological crime thriller that perfectly captures the terrors of both murder and life itself. Highly recommended. Financial auditor Claire Chastain is sure she’s being followed as she drives to work. She remembers that days earlier, a man introducing himself as a police detective appeared at her door, asking about the […]

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American Strangler Book Review

The American Strangler, One of the Year’s Best Thrillers

The Bottom Line: This nervy, disturbing, gut-punch of a vigilante novel is unlike anything you’ve ever read. It’s also one of the year’s best thrillers. With few exceptions, the legal thriller genre exists to elevate fictional heroes of the justice system – attorneys, judges and others who go beyond the call of duty to ensure […]

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The Guest List, an Satisfying Romp of a Crime Thriller by Lucy Foley

The Bottom Line: A twisty murder mystery that recommended for fans of Knives Out. Your worst fears about destination weddings come true in Lucy Foley’s new thriller, set on an island off the Irish coast. The bride and groom are a power couple – him a TV star, her a magazine publisher.  It’s an extravagant […]

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Devoted, a Brilliant New Novel by Dean Koontz

The Bottom Line: One of the year’s best thrillers. Following up on his brilliant Nameless story collection, Koontz once again proves that age continues to make his work even more spellbinding and potent. Devoted is a towering achievement that is both suspenseful and full-bodied in terms of character development. Of all the characters Koontz has created […]

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The 21 Best Legal Thrillers of the 21st Century, Ranked

Conflicted, flawed lawyers. Trials about twisted crimes. Ninth-hour evidence discoveries. Few things in American culture create as much tension as our legal system, which is why courtrooms, law offices, and even the Supreme Court can make perfect backdrops for thrillers. The masters of the legal thriller—a genre that routinely tops the bestsellers lists—have been doing […]

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Code of the Assassin, an Essential Assassination Thriller by Bill Brewer

The Bottom Line: Essential reading for any fan of assassination thrillers, Code of the Assassin may be Brewers’ best book yet.    Bill Brewer’s third David Diegert series book picks up where Blood of the Assassin left off, and also infuses his trademark action with riveting philosophical and economic dimensions. For the uninitiated, David is a […]

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Tokyo Traffic, a First-rate Crime Novel by Michael Pronko

The Bottom Line: A first-rate hardboiled crime novel set at the nexus between porn, human trafficking, crypto-currency fraud and murder. Michael Pronko’s third Detective Hiroshi series novel begins with a bang as Sukanya, a drugged Thai teenager, narrowly escapes a brutal mass murder at a well-known porn studio. In shock, she flees with a bag, […]

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